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When can I receive the product purchased?

Purchasing using Paypal, Paypal Express Checkout allows your order to be sent almost immediately after you sent the payment.

I need a USB installer for the software I purchased.

When you purchased a product key, we will send you an instruction on how to install the product including a download link hence, a USB installer is not necessary.

I did not receive all the keys I have purchased?

As mentioned in the previous section under Purchasing, when purchasing more than 5 product keys, please allow us sufficient time to fulfill your order. Usually, it will just take less than an hour to receive your entire order. For purchases of more than 10 product keys, it might take us up to 12 hours to fulfill your order.

It is always a great idea to inform us ahead of time that you are planning to purchase in bulk to allow us to prepare our stock and fulfill your entire order instantly upon payment.