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How to Install & Activate Office 2019/2021?

Installing Microsoft office 2019/2021 is easy and can be done by following the steps below. Questions? Contact us here.

Step 1: Download

Use the download button below to download your software.

  • Sign in with your Microsoft account
  • Enter your product key
  • Download your app

Step 2: Open the file

After completing your download you can open it on Windows 10 using Windows Explorer.

Step 3: Start the installation

After opening the file the installation will start. It will take several minutes or more.

Step 4: After installing

When the installation completes you’ll see the following screen on your device.

Step 5: Open Office

After completing the installation you can activate the product by opening one of the applications like Word from the main menu.

Step 6: Activation

Phone activation
After opening the application you can select to use the phone activation.

In the next prompt you have to select your country and region, which is used to verify your location.

You’ll see an installation id that you need later to activate the product.

To get your confirmation ID you can use this Microsoft Self-Support WebTool
Paste the installation ID  you copied in the last step in the installation ID section and click GET.

Copy the confirmation ID you will get and go back to the office tab.

Paste the confirmation ID you copied in the last step in the office tab and hit next.

Your Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus is Activated.

If you are struggling to activate via phone, just contact us and send us your long installation ID code and we will send you back the confirmation ID as soon as possible.